The name itself suggests a super-mix! Engineering interdisciplinarity, adaptation and the ability to systemically combine the issues of mechanics, electronics, robotics, automation managed by IT – this is the field of action for mechatronics, i.e. an exciting profession of the future.

Extended job description

As part of the project work, we have prepared an extended description of the mechatronics profession. You will learn what a mechatronics engineer does, what environment he works in and what skills are needed to perform this profession. In addition, you will learn the occupational risk associated with this profession, and what are the requirements of the labor market and development opportunities in this industry.

Interactive material about the profession ended with a quiz

Interactive material about the profession will expand your perception of this profession, you will learn about the path of promotion, as well as the educational path to obtain the appropriate qualifications and permissions. Pay attention to details and trivia to answer the questions in the quiz at the end of the material.

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